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Backend error occured

Max Keogh



I am trying to release a quarantined message from Baruwa and I get the following error:

"The message id: 1Wn1hv-000259-Ea could not be released: backend error occured, contact your email admin for assistance. "


I have tried searching for the answer but so far have drawn a blank.

If I could find the error then I might be able to fix it but the released.html would suggest that no error canbe found.

% if c.success:

${_('The message id: %(id)s has been released') % dict(}

% else:

${_('The message id: %(id)s could not be released: %(error_msg)s, contact your email admin for assistance.') % dict(, error_msg=c.error_msg if hasattr(c, 'error_msg') else 'backend error occured')}

% endif

Am I correct in this assumption? Has anyone else received this error and if so how did you fix it?


Kind Regards,

Max Keogh

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