Baruwa 2.0 frontend and backend question

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Baruwa 2.0 frontend and backend question

Hi all,
I have recently successfully configured a Baruwa 2.0 standalone server, and managed to make everything work fine.
Then I wanted to configure a "frontend->backend" architecture as suggested in the documentation so I have installed Postgresql, Memcached, RabbitMQ and Sphinx on a separate server.

I reconfigured my old standalone server to use this new "backend" server for all the above listed services and I have also cloned it in order to have two Baruwa scanning nodes and a single shared backend DB/Sphinx/etc.

Almost everything worked fine (I can see status of both nodes from interface and perform release of quarantined messages just fine), but for some reason the search functionality does not work anymore.
On the backend, the Sphinx service seems to work and rotate indexes fine and I successfully connected to it via mysql CLI to it to perform queries.

From my understanding, the only thing that needs to be changed on the frontends is the following configuration parameter in baruwa.ini:

# SphinxSQL URL
sphinx.url = mysql://root:@

I changed to the IP address of the backend on which Sphinx is listening.

One thing I noticed during troubleshooting is that if i start Sphinx on one frontend (remember that it was previously a standalone Baruwa server so it had all the components installed on it), the search on this Baruwa node works again.
Seems that it is still using the local searchd.

Is there anything else I need to configure in order to use a remote Sphinx server?

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Re: Baruwa 2.0 frontend and backend question

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  Configure the backend server details in sphinx.conf file and then try it.