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[Baruwa] Baruwa 1.0.0 released

Andrew Colin Kissa
Hi all,

Baruwa 1.0.0 has been released, A few of the features are:

* Various bug fixes
* Added domain management settings
* Split quarantine for spam and non spam
* Reformat quarantine report to separate spam from non spam
* Added filters to report pages
* Added SMTP server testing
* Added account less quarantine release
* Changed external auth to use DB to allow management via interface
* Added filter for scanned and unscanned messages
* Added PDF reports
* Added support for viewing archived messages
* Added support for previewing HTML messages
* Added logo to quarantine messages
* Added support for downloading email message attachments
* Added system status middleware to provide status info
* implemented stubs for the SQL settings module
* Updated documentation
* Clean up code to PEP8
* Added Debian build kit

For details of the changes please check the git log on github

- http://topdog-software.com/oss/baruwa/1.0.0/
- http://www.baruwa.org
- http://pypi.python.org/pypi/baruwa
- http://github.com/akissa/baruwa


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