FW: LDAP AD with Baruwa 2.0

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FW: LDAP AD with Baruwa 2.0

Matthew Cross

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Subject: LDAP AD with Baruwa 2.0
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 14:09:04 -0400

I have not seen any topics on this recently, and I still struggle with implementing this feature. I am looking to the community for help.

Essentially, I started off by using Jeremys wonderful Baruwa script to install the newest version. This is a clean install on a devmachine as the current version I am using is working but does not have a functioning ldap component.

There are no firewalls in between the AD server and the Baruwa appliance yet I am seeing no traffic between the Baruwa appliance and my AD server. Email Auth looks to be working without problem (there is traffic for this process), but User Auth is not working at all. I am quite familiar with ldapsearch and binding web apps into a Microsoft Environment but am having a heck of a lot of trouble with this, as there is no logging of what the actual problem is and my Python knowledge is pretty low.

Below is a picture of my current settings.

and the other

Any ideas on where to start? If there was a way to run a trace on the process responsible for this that would be awesome, or some other type of logging to one of the syslogs.

Thanks in advance,

Matt C.