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Mass Release

I just released about 10 emails to different users from spam view. Error 500 in browser, but the emails seem to have been released still.

2013-10-24 14:35:33,596 Baruwa[21778]: Message: 1VZMgf-0000Rs-K2 released to: [hidden email]
2013-10-24 14:35:33,600 Baruwa[21778]: Task process-quarantined-msg[232cb4e3-db00-474e-a0af-9c031cda76c7] succeeded in 0.933268070221s: {'errors': [], 'to_address’:…

WebApp Error: <type 'exceptions.NotImplementedError'>: restore_group is not supported by this backend

Email error:
Module baruwa.controllers.messages:2 in process
Module repoze.what.plugins.pylonshq.protectors:118 in wrap_action
>>  return action_(*args, **kwargs)
Module baruwa.controllers.messages:654 in process
>>  result = TaskSetResult.restore(taskid, backend=dbbackend)
Module celery.result:631 in restore
>>  ).restore_group(id)
Module celery.backends.amqp:255 in restore_group
>>  'restore_group is not supported by this backend.')
NotImplementedError: restore_group is not supported by this backend

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