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 I left a query on your GITHUB site but other than saying to use the GIT version I still would like to known the following.
I have now tried to built in excess of 20 builds using the Git version and they both (whether using Pypi version) place baruwa into the  .......... /site-packages/baruwa-2.0.9-py2.6.egg/baruwa.
Previously baruwa-2.0.1 had the directory structure as:-    ....... /site-packages/baruwa  &
Can you tell me is this now the new directory structure for baruwa-2.0.9?
I cannot find anywhere any info on whether this new structure is correct or what is going wrong with the install process in that case?
I am using the version baruwa-2.0.9.tar.gz from Github and running under virtualenv installing as "python install"
Now I am not the smartest Linux guy around, so a little help to steer me down the right path would be most welcome, I have spent nearly all Sept on this and its starting to drive me crazy,.
I cannot use the pip install baruwa version from pypi because of the build_cython & archive-download that are is the file needs to be removed removed first.
Help in the correct install direction would great?
Robert (watrob)