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Hi Jonathan, if your talking about the Jeremy' script then you are out of luck,  there has been patch changes made to reflect Baruwa 2.0.9 whereas Jeremy's script ran on Baruwa 2.0.1.

I did around 50 builds and could not get it to complete to a stable build to run as a production server. After a lot hacks I managed to get it to run but when it breaks it takes days to build another one.

The last time the script ran was mid August 2015 as changes happened on the 29th August 2015.

I am lucky enough to have 3 backup servers with stable versions of Baruwa 2.0.1 community edition in reserve. I run all the same IBM servers so I mirrored spare drives as well.

Community Edition 2.0.9 will need a lot of work to get a production server up & running and while users that have 2.0.1 running which is very stable I don't see  the scramble to get community Edition 2.0.9 install scripted.

It may take a year or so, soon as community edition 2.0.1 servers start to fail then 2.0.9 interest will increase to script an install.

2.0.9 runs a little different to 2.0.1, it interacts with the new version of MailScanner and MailScanner's install has changed also which causes Exim, Sphinx  & postgresql errors, these fails to starts which causes 2.0.9 to fail, it comes back to the patches. Also 2.0.9 install needs to be altered as the installer looks for some files which are missing and it looks for others which should not be there as it is ported from the Enterprise edition and needs cleaning up which will take time.

If you ever get the chance to run Enterprise Edition 2.0.9 you will understand the fundamental difference to the Community Edition and the future work to get it install.


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Hello Baruwa users,

I am needing to get a new install up and running as quickly as possible.  the current script has some issues with software package versions upstream that have incremented, thus causing the current incarnation of baruwa to fail to build.  Of the baruwa's I have in play, I don't have the older scripts to work with anymore.

does anyone have one from mid-2015 they could share?  or has anyone heard any update as to when the install script might be updated?


Jonathan Horne
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