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Re: Baruwa / MailScanner double subjects header and rejects ( SOLUTION here )

Dose, Volker

Hi Louis,


thanks a lot for your quick reply.


In my MailScanner.conf watermarking was already disabled globally (Use Watermarking = no), but I have now negated all settings:



# Watermarking

Use Watermarking = no

Add Watermark = no

Check Watermarks With No Sender = no

Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam = nothing

Check Watermarks To Skip Spam Checks = no

Watermark Secret = %org-name%-Secret

Watermark Lifetime = 604800

Watermark Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-Watermark:



I will definitely have an eye on  the links you gave me, thanks you very much.



Best regards,

Volker Dose


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Betreff: Re: [Baruwa] Baruwa / MailScanner double subjects header and rejects ( SOLUTION here )


Hai Volker,


I can say, i e-mailed the maintainer of the mailborder program and he did fix it and  shared his solution.

He is also creating a debian package of the latest mailscanner version.

If your using the opensource baruwa mailscanner version ( for me on debian : 4.84.5-4~wheezy )

and you dont want to upgrade then for now his adviced solution is :

In mailscanner, disable the Watermarking options.


Which i did and no problems anymore.


keep an eye on : 

for the debian package. He is working on it atm.


A nice to know 


Ow and, im NOT flaming baruwa, thats also still a great product.

just to bad they didnt share the fix to the opensource version.








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Onderwerp: [Baruwa] Baruwa / MailScanner double subjects header and rejects

Hi Guys,


I have just entered the Baruwa ML – regards to everyone here.


I ran with my mailscanner installation in the same trouble as some of you (yahoo bounces some mails because headers are not RFC compliant) and understand, that there is a patch for this issue in the Baruwa Repo somewhere. I would be glad if you could give me hint, where to download the mailscanner package / patch you have created.


Best regards

Volker Dose