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configuring AD lookup




Firstly, I am a long time MailScanner user, and I just set up my first working Baruwa.  So far I absolutely LOVE it!


My question is regarding AD lookup.  Is this referring to users who will log into the interface to find/learn/release mails for themselves, or is this for inbound email recipient verification (or both)?


On the domains "Domains :: ORG :: Authentication settings" page, for Bind DN, is it expecting it to be in the format of DOMAIN\user or in the fully distinguishedName format?


I did have some problems getting it set up properly, I did resolve this problem:


temporarily rejected RCPT <[hidden email]>: LDAP search: more than one entry (17) was returned (filter not specific enough?)



only to now be stuck with:


temporarily rejected RCPT <[hidden email]>: failed to bind the LDAP connection to server [domain controller]:389 - ldap_bind() returned -1



if anyone can point me in the right direction, i'd be much obliged.




Jonathan Horne