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Chris Wathan
Good day,

I have been having issues when selecting quarantine options for an e-mail in the messages list.  Regardless of the option selected “release”, “bayesian learn”, etc I always get the same “AJAX Error: Internal Server Error”.  The details of one of them is below.  Any help in tracking down the root of the error along with a fix.

Module weberror.errormiddleware:162 in __call__
>>  app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker)
Module repoze.who.middleware:107 in __call__
>>  app_iter = app(environ, wrapper.wrap_start_response)
Module beaker.middleware:155 in __call__
>>  return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)
Module routes.middleware:136 in __call__
>>  response = self.app(environ, start_response)
Module pylons.wsgiapp:103 in __call__
>>  response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)
Module pylons.wsgiapp:313 in dispatch
>>  return controller(environ, start_response)
Module baruwa.lib.base:93 in __call__
>>  return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response)
Module pylons.controllers.core:214 in __call__
>>  response = self._dispatch_call()
Module pylons.controllers.core:164 in _dispatch_call
>>  response = self._inspect_call(func)
Module pylons.controllers.core:107 in _inspect_call
>>  result = self._perform_call(func, args)
Module pylons.controllers.core:57 in _perform_call
>>  return func(**args)
Module baruwa.controllers.messages:2 in detail
Module repoze.what.plugins.pylonshq.protectors:118 in wrap_action
>>  return action_(*args, **kwargs)
Module baruwa.controllers.messages:281 in detail
>>  task.wait(30)
Module celery.result:108 in get
>>  interval=interval)
Module celery.backends.amqp:151 in wait_for
>>  raise self.exception_to_python(meta['result'])
AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute ‘id'