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username map templates.

Andy Thomson

I'm still working through getting user authentication to work.  Thanks Andrew for the nudge in the right direction on AD authentication.  I ended up using our mail server to proxy authentication via IMAP, which in turn binds to the AD using LDAP.  Seems to work well.

Next question/observation relates to another server we have here that hosts mail for various small domains.  It's just a basic (and very old hopefully soon to be decommissioned) linux box with users in /etc/passwd, and certain mappings applied to usernames to keep them unique across domains. Exactly the kind of thing you'd want to use a username map template for.  Anyway, I found these were not applying, and on closer investigation, found these definitions:

USER_TEMPLATE_MAP_RE = re.compile(r'%\(user\)s')

DOM_TEMPLATE_MAP_RE = re.compile(r'%\(domain\)s')

This seems to work better for me without that trailing 's', so I was just wondering if it is a mistake, or if it's there for a reason and I am just doing something wrong?

Did anyone else get username map templates working without modifying those regular expressions?


Andy Thomson
Snr Tech Consultant
0431 121 868